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In today’s post-serial world, many are considering podcasting as the next best thing. Understandably, many have jumped in the podcasting bandwagon to take advantage of the medium’s enormous potential.

But in an industry as fierce, how do you get ahead of the pack? Below are 5 podcasting secrets that can help you be a step of everyone else:

1. Employ an intimate and direct human voice

Ever since, radio has been seen as one-on-one communication. However, it’s interesting to note many still approach radio shows (podcasts included) like they’re speaking to a lot of people.

For those who are observant, it’s quite evident that many successful podcasts share one strategy—they act like they are speaking directly and intimately to just one person as opposed to addressing many.

Keep in mind that listening to podcasts is done mostly through earbuds or in a vehicle’s confined space. Unfortunately, many podcasters fall into the trap of sounding like a news-bot in their attempt to sound authoritative and informed.

Speak like you would to people you meet at bars, book club meetings, or at restaurants. In other words, speak like a human being. It will not only make you relatable, it will also make connecting with you a lot easier.

2. Begin with a story

Many awesome podcasts begin with a story action point and take it from there before they fill in the context or background detail. Remember that podcasts are unshackled from program formats so use the knowledge to your advantage by starting with an anecdote that can help propel your story forward.

One of the most compelling examples of visual storytelling is from ABC Radio’s Conversations. The story started with a woman from London who hopped on the tube to get to work only to find herself sitting next to a man with a bomb strapped to his chest. It’s so irresistible that you would wanna stick around to find out what happens next.

3. Make sharing straightforward and effortless

As far as finding an audience for your podcast is concerned, it will all boil down to offering content your listeners would want to recommend and share. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of podcasting apps you can use to get word out about your show.

Also, consider writing a machine shareable text for each of your episodes a brilliant idea. Come up with a clever promotional text for individual episodes your listeners can use to promote and recommend your show using social media.

4. Offer added extras

There are numerous ways you can entice your audience—bonus podcast episodes, tip sheets, feature events, short videos, events, etc. Be creative. Always aim to provide further value whenever you can. For instance, if your episode is about technology in the classroom, you can provide listeners with a list they can ask teachers so they’d understand the topic more.

5. Create a simple but eye-catching logo

When deciding on a podcast logoalways opt for one that is colorful, simple, and easy to spot. With so many other podcasts vying for attention, you need something that can reel people in and your logo can be a good place to start.

Bear in mind that cluttered slogans and small fonts aren’t exactly ideal when listeners are browsing on Stitcher or iTunes. Also, presenter head shots are out and clean graphic design have totally taken over.

What podcasting secrets are you looking to apply? Let us know how it goes in the comments section below!

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