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When people think about getting involved with podcasts, most think along the lines of creating their own show. It’s as common a notion as it is a rewarding one, should the venture succeed. However, it isn’t always a necessary—or even the right—move for everyone. It can be just as rewarding to be a podcast guest instead. To expound on that, here are five perks that anyone who decides to drop in on a pre-existing show can attain:

Perk # 1: Network Expansion

The first perk that needs to be discussed is the expansion of your network. Working with an established show opens up a multitude of opportunities and the least of them would be meeting people who can help you further your career or grow your business. First things first, there is the networking opportunity one can get with the podcast host. In developing a good rapport with him or her, one gets the chance to be introduced to other professionals in a similar position. This can lead to other guest spots or even mentorship from those within a specific industry.

There is also the networking opportunity one can get from establishing relationships with fellow guests, if there are any. With you dropping in on the same show, chances are you have similar interests, goals, and expertise that can be easily exchanged. Lastly, there are the networking opportunities available between you and those who work behind the scenes, namely the podcast engineers, the podcast editors, and all the other podcast specialists who work tirelessly to make the show the success it is.

Perk # 2: Audience Expansion

The second perk one can get out of a podcast guest role is the chance to gain new audiences. Podcasts tend to attract people from all walks of life, leaping over geographical boundaries that may prove troublesome to overcome otherwise. By appearing on a show, you can attract new demographics, which can lead to better business opportunities.

Perk # 3: Multimedia Expansion

One thing that’s often pointed out is the fact that podcasting can be easier than blogging. However, there is no rule that says you can’t do both anyway. With your audience expanded from your guest appearance, the opportunity for you to leverage that momentum in a myriad of ways is finally available to you. Blogging is just one of them. Through that medium, you can expound on the topic that was discussed on the episode you appeared in and break it down further in ways that would not have been possible on-air.

There’s also no rule that says you can stop there either. You can promote the episode you appeared in on your social media platforms and on your website. This not only ensures that your potential audience keeps expanding, but this can also serve as a thank you of sorts to the podcast that gave you a new platform to promote yourself in. By putting the show on blast, everybody wins: you, the podcast, and all of your viewers and listeners.

Perk # 4: Greater Brand Awareness 

In doing what was detailed in the previous perk, you get another perk as a consequence: greater brand awareness. In fact, the more popular and successful the podcast you were a guest on is, the more impactful this perk will be. From there, you can reap benefits such as the generation of greater interest for what your brand stands for, increased sales for your business, and the opportunity for your brand’s message to resonate further than ever before.

Perk # 5: Enhanced Credibility 

As stated before, the impact of these perks grows the more popular the podcast you are the guest of is. As a guest, you are there to showcase what knowledge and perspective you have for the world to see. In doing so, you establish yourself as a person of authority; a thought leader whom the listeners can place their trust in. This is basically your opportunity to enhance what professional reputation you have, which can open just as much doors for you as networking can.

As you can see, there is no need to go through the trouble of creating a podcast from scratch if you think you have something noteworthy to share with the world. Being a podcast guest can already allow you that opportunity, while providing some of the biggest benefits for you and your brand. However, for those who are committed to creating their own show, but don’t know how, there is always the option to schedule a free discovery call with the good folks at Podcast Engineers. Act now and get started with the right foot forward today!

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