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Why did you get into podcasting? Understandably, reasons can vary from one podcaster to another. While some would want to share a message they are passionate about, others claim they got into podcasting because they want to share their voice with the world.

Regardless of the reason, it is crucial that your audio is impeccable so your voice and message are heard in a manner that is both clear and distinct. To help you achieve said objectives, below are some of the essential speaking and voice tips you should keep in mind:

Slow down when you talk

Some podcasters believe that sharing as much information as possible is the way to go. So they speak really fast so they can disseminate as much information as they possibly can.

However, if you’re a podcaster, speaking really fast can actually be counterintuitive. When you speak in haste, there is always the tendency to mispronounce words and be out of breath before even finishing your sentences. In other words, you are prioritising quantity over quality.

Ideally, your primary aim should be to deliver your message with proper emphasis so your listeners will not only understand you, they’ll also be able to internalise what you are sharing. Keep in mind that the more they understand what you are sharing, the more engaging the conversation will be for them.

Be mindful of your speaking volume

Even if you’re actually confident, if your speaking volume is weak, you can still come across as anxious, nervous, and uncomfortable. You need not shout to get your message across though but you need to be mindful that you sound assertive and your voice does not trail off.

While you always have the option to do some audio editing to improve the volume and base of your voice, you can still highly benefit from developing a good speaking volume—one that exudes confidence and is a pleasure to listen to.

Be positive and upbeat

Who wants to listen to someone who sounds sad, or seems uncertain, or gives low-energy vibes? No one! If you want people to listen to you, that’s something you should always keep in mind.

That being said, make sure you stay positive and upbeat at all times. Prior to getting on the mic, spend at least 30 or so minutes getting into a happy, energetic, and positive mindset so your listeners will enjoy your show all the more.

Pay attention to the way you are breathing

If you want to speak more clearly with impeccable pitch, intonation, and speed, you need to pay attention to how you are breathing. Notice that when you’re nervous, you breathe differently as opposed to when you’re calm? In similar cases, you need to be aware of how you are breathing as it can dramatically change how you will sound.

Bottom line is you need to be able to effectively disconnect your emotions from your breathing, tone, pitch, volume, etc. when it’s not working to your advantage. Ideally, your emotions should be in sync with how you sound. But since you’re not always happy and enthusiastic at all times, you need to be aware of how you are feeling (and breathing) so you can recalibrate.

Did we miss out anything? What techniques do you find helpful? Let us know in the comments section below!

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