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If you’re a podcaster, it is highly likely that you can attest how challenging it can be at times to look for podcast topics to discuss and dissect. If it’s any consolation, it’s not something that’s unique to you. It would be safe to assume many podcasters have gone through the same dilemma.

If you find yourself in a similar scenario, the following ideas should get your creative juices flowing:

List of Favorites

What are the likely things your target audience might be interested in? Of course, that particular something has to be related to the industry your podcast is about. For instance, if your show is about sports, you can talk about shoes top athletes consider their favorite.

If your show is about traveling, you can also feature countries that are deemed top favorites by jet setters. This idea works well during popular holidays and other events like summer vacation or Christmas. During those times, people are more likely to tune in especially if they are looking for gift ideas or awesome countries they can visit.

Did You Know

How something happened or started can also be good topics your target listeners might be interested in. You can also share little known stories and anecdotes about the origin of something to keep people interested. Make sure you are also able to deliver your topic in a manner that is creative so your listeners will be enticed to listen to your show in its entirety.

“Private Label Movement” and “How I Built This” are two classic examples of podcasts who have taken this route. You can also tackle how huge brands started (Apple, Amazon, etc.) and got to where they are now. Just ensure you do your homework and deliver interesting information your listeners can’t easily find online.

Let Me Show You How

Listeners might also be interested in a podcast that tackles how they can accomplish something. For instance, it is highly likely that there are many people out there who are hungry for information on how they can emulate their business heroes so they can duplicate their success. In line with this, you can have episodes like “Key Steps to Obtaining Financial Freedom,” “The Tools You Need to Boost Your Sales,” etc.

The idea is to show people how others accomplished what they would like to achieve. Be as comprehensive and thorough as possible so your listeners can walk away with a lot of beneficial tips they can put to good use. In addition, it would also be a good idea to invite specialists and experts who can provide masterful guidance, tips, and insights.

Ask the Podcaster

If you are an expert in your field, you can have an episode dedicated to answering niche-related questions from your listeners. Of course, the information you provide should be backed by your knowledge and experiences in the industry. You can also share stories on how you resolved the challenges and setbacks you encountered so your listeners will also know what to do if ever they find themselves in the same scenarios.

What podcast topics would you like to try? What’s the most listened topic you have done so far? Sound off in the comments section below!

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