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Conversations have a way of drawing people in. Conversations can keep people past their bedtimes, leave them satisfied, and oftentimes hungry, eager, and looking forward to more.

Podcasting is a digital medium that banks on the peerless power of conversations. With podcasting gaining listeners in cult-like fashion, many are realizing its undeniable power to make strong connections and build brands.

Nowadays, it’s safe to assume people are tuning in more frequently and for far longer periods. If you are still not convinced podcasting can help your brand significantly, the following reasons should at least get you thinking:

It can help personalize your product

Aside from the fact that you can use your podcast to give your target audience a behind-the-scenes look at your brand, you can also use it as a tool to give your product a voice (and possibly a face).

Customers are more likely to patronize a product they somehow feel more connected to. Understandably, many would prefer their customer experience to be with someone they consider a “friend” and a podcast can help substantiate that relationship.

It can help you find your voice

Creating a brand requires finding your voice. That being said, apart from writing articles to establish their clout and authority in the industry, some showcase their reach and expertise by creating a riveting podcast.

To create a podcast that truly captivates, start by being yourself and sharing things that will be of value to your listeners. When you are able to provide your listeners with the answers they are looking for, you can bet life and limb you’ll have them hooked.

It can give you access to experts and influencers

If you have an established podcast with a decent following, scoring interviews with experts and influencers can get relatively easy. Of course, this is assuming you’ve also established your own authority and expertise as well.

Just like you, they are also looking for a good venue where they can talk about their services, products, and other agendas. In addition, interviewing industry experts and influencers can give you an opportunity to get to know them better and effectively expand your personal network in the process.

It can help you build a distribution channel

Nowadays, more people are acknowledging the power of podcasts when building a distribution channel for contents that are best consumed in an environment that’s personal.

While it’s not common knowledge, most people are not as selective when it comes to the links they click on or the websites they subscribe to as opposed to what they listen to while stuck in traffic, on the go, or going about their daily routines.

It can help effectively establish brand loyalty

Incorporating your message and personal story on a consistent basis through your podcast is not only a solid way to build authority, it is also one of the most effective ways to cement brand loyalty.

Loyalty can be achieved more easily once your audience can relate to you or the message you represent. In line with this, it is recommended that you leverage your story when you can and always think of ways you can cater to diverse listeners that tune in.

It can help dramatically expand your reach

Putting together a top-notch podcast will not only help you establish yourself as a credible go-to and resource person, it can also help you expand your reach significantly. If you have well-respected guests over and your show is both substantial and entertaining, it can also be used to effectively build brand recognition.

It can help you explore new ideas and insights

When you have a podcast that’s primarily dedicated to your brand, you can’t help but explore new ideas, concepts, and questions related to it when thinking of new materials for your podcast.

Truly, some of the best ways to explain what your brand is all about can be discovered during brainstorming sessions for your podcast. Your podcast can also come in very handy if you are not very good at articulating what you do or what your brand is all about since it will force you to think of new ways to present it.

Are you using your podcast to help build your brand? If you aren’t yet, what’s keeping you? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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