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You have all the basics covered—your podcast is on iTunes, your social media is abuzz with updates, and you’re ready to take the podcasting world by storm. However, if you don’t have a website for your podcast yet, are you really ready?

While many still consider podcasting relatively new, competition is fierce, if not unforgiving. With that in mind, it pays to not leave any stone unturned. Fortunately, this is where a killer website can come in handy.

Aside from using your podcast website as the central storage for everything from episodes to show notes, you can also use it as a tool to showcase what your show is all about and attract new listeners in the process.

So how do you go about creating a podcast website that’s truly rocking? The following tips should get your efforts off to an exceptional start:

  • Opt for a theme that’s responsive and one that will look superb on tablets, monitors, and phones.
  • Ensure the theme you’ve chosen comes with a clean code and loads fast.
  • Limit your plugins but don’t shy away from utilising the ones you think are useful.
  • Go for a theme that can be customised easily and will reflect your show’s mood. Adding your custom colours and logo will be nice touches if you’re looking to create something bespoke.
  • Don’t assume all your site visitors already have a crystal clear idea of what your podcast is all about. That being said, putting an elevator pitch front and centre would be ideal so visitors will know what to expect.
  • Another important consideration you need to take into account: there might be visitors who have yet to listen to podcasts so make the experience as painless and easy as possible by providing an explainer on how they can subscribe, download, and listen to your shows.
  • Oftentimes, listeners will subscribe on iTunes. However, some may want to listen to your show while they are on your site so make sure you have a podcast player available.
  • If you’re looking to grow your subscriber list, you can never go wrong with a call to action such as a sign-up. You can also entice visitors with a bonus download in exchange for their subscription.
  • Pick a stunning image for each of your podcast episodes. Believe it or not, your visitors can see if you’re putting in effort so make sure your attention to detail and quality is evident in every aspect of your work. If you need to tap into expert help, don’t shy away from doing so. If anything, it’s investment that will pay off big time.
  • Consider it a good idea to have a homepage that will feature your latest episodes, if not your most popular ones. It would also be wise to have a chronological listing of your episodes just in case your most avid listeners would want to find out how you and your podcast has evolved over time.
  • Ensure your show notes are meaty and interesting. If done right, it can be a powerful tool you can use to entice your listeners to give your episodes a listen.
  • If possible, have download options available so your site visitors will have easy and convenient access to other things they might find useful like mp3 recordings, ebooks, or transcripts.

Make it easier for your listeners and visitors connect with you by adding social media buttons.

Did we miss anything? We’d love to know what you can add to the list!

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